Letting your precious pictures speak their thousand words...

IMPRESSIONS® is a world leading photo frame collection.

From modern silver plated to classic resin designs, in both freestanding and wall hanging styles, we have everything needed to store and display treasured photographs in style. Our range consists of over 500 frames perfect for every taste. From magical moments to inspirational landscapes, our photo frames help keep memories alive.

Impressions was founded in 2005 by the UK's premier gift & home supplier, WIDDOP and Co. 15 years later it has grown into the UK's leading photo frame brand with a wider and larger distribution than any other frame collection available on the market. It's pretty likely that you already have an Impressions photo frame in your home, even if you don't know it. 

Although people don't necessarily print every photo they take anymore, the ones they do print really mean something special. And this means that the frame they choose needs to be pretty special too. 

Our range consists of over 500 different styles in a huge variety of finishes, from luxury silver-plated to affordable wooden styles. So you can match the mood and style of the picture you are framing or the room you are putting it in.

Why not create a feature gallery wall with one of our affordable multi-packs from our budget collection iFrame by Impressions? Or you can give a precious wedding photo the perfect place to shine with one of our luxury frames from the Elegance collection.

All of our frames come complete with branded boxes so they also make perfect gifts for friends, family or photography enthusiasts.

In the digital age, printed photos are all the more special. Each printed photo holds even more value to its owner. Our mission at Impressions is to offer something for everyone, regardless of budget and taste. So that we can help your precious pictures speak their thousand words.


Types of photo frames we offer:

Multi photo frames, A4 photo frames, Collage photo frame, Personalised photo frames, 6x4 photo frames, Black photo frames, Framed photo prints, Gold photo frames, Silver photo frames, Family photo frame, Multi aperture photo frames, 10 x 8 photo frame, A5 photo frame, Large photo frames, Wooden photo frame, 5x7 photo frame, 6x8 photo frame, 7x5 photo frame, Cheap photo frames, Luxury photo frames, Double photo frame, Friends photo frame, Glass photo frames, Grey photo frames.