Modern Slavery Statement

What is Modern Slavery?

Educare University

Modern slavery is the exploitation human lives for commercial gain in business. Modern slavery is shockingly quite common, but acted upon discreetly. People can often become enslaved working in factories, or even people’s houses - while making our clothes, picking our crops or serving us food. From the outside, it can seem like a normal job. But from the inside, people are being manipulated and controlled – if found uncooperative they can face extreme punishments including violence, be forced into inescapable debt, or have the threat of deportation. 

Unfortunately many have fallen into this oppressive trap. A lot of modern slaves are trying to escape from a horrific situation and seek asylum from war and corruption. Some try to escape poverty, or to give their families better lives. But because of this, they have been captured and have fallen victim to modern day slavery.


Current Slaves

1 in 4

Child Slaves


Forced into Labour


Forced into Marriage


Illicit Slavery Profits Made Per Year

Educare University

Over 1,000,000

Children are sold as child slaves every year, working long stressful jobs in dangerous conditions. 

Educare University

Over 20,000

Children's lives are lost every year as a result of slavery. 

Educare University

365 Days

Slaves work up to 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - all for no personal or financial gain.

Our Response

Our Business

At The Home of Gifts, we have passion for an ethical work environment and supply chain. Our moral obligation to put an end to modern slavery has always and forever will be in our top priorities.

In April 2018, we became founding members of the NGO charity Hope For Justice – Slave Free Alliance. We had an assessment carried out on our premises in November 2018 and were deemed low risk. We will continue to strive to uphold this status.

Our Commitment

We have committed to work with the Hope For Justice, to achieve our mutual goal of ending modern day slavery. Hope for Justice is proactively on a mission to end the exploitation of workers. Rescuing and rebuilding back the lives of people who have fallen victim to slavery. The Hope for Justice campaign will spread awareness, and education on modern slavery, by teaching everyday people and their businesses the recognisable signs of slavery.

Our Promise

We will strive to take responsible action against slavery if it ever arises, and partner with The Hope For Justice to end Modern Slavery. Our mission is to be proactive in the way we do business, to avoid modern day slavery, in the hope that one day modern slavery will truly cease to exist.

Let's Finish It Together.