Signography Black Glass Candle with Gold Foil & Glitter - 30

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Create a warming and glamorous party atmosphere with this glittering 30th birthday candle. Featuring black glass finish with gold foiled numbering and gold glitter embellishments.

Celebrate in style with this fun and eye-catching range of celebratory gifts, featuring hot foil and glitter designs and on trend typography and covering everyone from Prosecco Princesses to Birthday stars. Whether they’re 18 or 80 they are guaranteed to love a gift from Signography.

More than just a memory. CELEBRATIONS® is Widdop & Co's largest brand and a fundamental collection to any sentiment retailer. Designed in the UK, it is built to cover every one of life's precious moments, providing great quality, functional and uplifting gifts and keepsakes at an affordable price. Designed with subtle branding to focus on the occasion, CELEBRATIONS® is a one stop shop for the price conscious but generous consumer. From baby scans to centerary birthdays there really is something for everyone.

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