True Valentine Mug Set - Other Half & Better Half

A pair of new bone china mugs featuring 'Other Half & Better Half' wording from True Valentine.

These colourful his and hers mugs feature quirky wording that make them the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Each mug features alternate white and red designs and one features the text 'The Other Half' whilst the other reads 'The Better Half' in gold foil.

NEW BOINE CHINA - Fired using synthetic bone ash. More affordable than fine bone china whilst maintaining unbeatable strength, translucency and durability.

True Valentine is our celebration of that most powerful of emotions: love. Featuring red glitter finishes, heart shaped crystal embellishments and tender sentiments on a range of giftware. The quintessential Valentine's Day collection.

More than just a memory. CELEBRATIONS® is Widdop & Co's largest brand and a fundamental collection to any sentiment retailer. Designed in the UK to cover every one of life's precious moments.

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