Bambino Baby Shower - Pack of 8 Who Knows Mum Cards

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Bring some extra fun and excitement to the Baby Shower with this set of 8 'Who Knows The Mum-to-Be Best' game cards. From BAMBINO BY JULIANA® Parents to Be - creating anticipation and nurturing excitement with beautiful giftware for expecting parents.

This pack of luxury gold foiled cards features a set of tongue-in-cheek questions from 'When is her due date' to 'What is her pregnancy craving' and ' What was her first job'. Hand the cards out to guests at the party and make a chuckleworthy keepsake.

During the most exciting and overwhelming time this affordable and delightful range will help expecting parents to capture and remember every moment along the journey, from the first scan to the countdown itself.

Designed to stand the test of time, BAMBINO BY JULIANA® was created to provide a brand to be there from the very beginning. From baby showers and scans to first birthdays, BAMBINO BY JULIANA® has the perfect range for every occasion.

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