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What is Disney? 

Disney is one of the world’s biggest brands. And in the entertainment sector it is the undisputed champion.

Since 1923 Disney films have grossed hundreds of billions of dollars at the box office. And merchandise has grossed even more over the years.

The timeless characters and beautifully told tales are favourites of generations. We all remember watching Disney films as young children, usually with our parents and grandparents almost just as transfixed as we were. In fact, my Mum’s favourite film of all time is still

There is something truly magical about Disney. It’s irrefutable. The money alone shows that.

But far more than dollars, pounds, euros etc, it is the memories that makes Disney so special. That little shiver of nostalgia you get up your spine when you hear the strings of “When You Wish Upon a Star” and see the Disney castle before the start of a film. All of those characters and stories come rushing back and it can’t help but warm your heart.

Disney is an embodiment of the comfort of youth and the carefree magic of those early childhood years.

This is why, back in 2012, a family owned gift company based in north Manchester, UK, was so passionate about getting the license to start producing Disney gifts and collectables.

After all, what is the point of a gift? Is it not supposed to make the giver and the recipient feel special? Is a truly special gift not supposed to be something which holds magical memories for years to come?

What could do this better than a gift with a little sprinkling of Disney fairy dust?


How Did Our Online Disney Shop UK Come About?

So, working closely with Disney, our team of talented designers set to work, creating a range of Disney gifts and collectables.

Starting out with pencils and paper, moving onto graphic design tablets and then computer software, our team crafted little moments of Disney magic that you could take home.

Our Disney Gifts Ranges

We started with the Magical Moments collection – our range of collectable figurines. The figurines are cast from handmade clay moulds, intricately hand painted and then finished off with luxury gift boxes.

But why should the Disney magic be restricted to collectors or adults, when really, the magic is that Disney takes us all back to childhood? So we created the Magical Beginnings range. This collection brings everyone’s favourite characters from Mickey & Minnie to Dumbo, Bambi, Simba and more to a selection of gifts and keepsakes for babies and toddlers.

From here we have expanded our Disney gifts collection to include the Classic Collectables range of mugs, prints and plaques decorated with pencil style illustrations and golden finishing touches. We also have Toy Story, Lion King, Aladdin, Princesses and Winnie the Pooh ranges.

Whatever your favourite character is, whoever you are buying for, Disney gifts have something a little bit more magical about it.

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