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Dads can be tricky customers when it comes to buying gifts. Men in general really. At the risk of making a sweeping generalisation, and please bear in mind that I am a man, men tend to be a little less enthusiastic about physical things. Aside from cars and golf clubs of course.

Plan Your Father's Day 2022 UK

So how do you buy a great Father’s Day gift? Well you need to make it more than just a physical thing. Your gift needs to be something which appeals to his emotionless manly heart, something to make him smile, feel loved or to be a vessel for warm fuzzy memories. You need to melt his cold hard manly heart with sweetness and sentiment. And this really does not need to break the bank.

You absolutely do not need to buy him a new car or a new set of golf clubs.

At The Home of Gifts we are Father’s Day experts. Curating our collection from 5 of the UK’s leading home & gift collections, we have Dad, Daddy, Grandad and Grandpa covered.

The 1st Father’s Day is a huge event for any man, even if he says he doesn’t really care. A gift from baby will soften even the toughest of rugged, manly exteriors. A Daddy & Me photo frame or a New Daddy mug: simple, affordable, and absolutely adorable.

Fathers Day Gift For Dad

Daddy & Me Photo FrameHow cute is this Daddy & Me photo frame?  

New Daddy MugAnd a cuppa in this will lift his mood even if baby has him awake most of the night.

New Grandad Mug

We also have some great Bambino ideas for Grandad. Designed in the UK by the team at Bambino by Juliana

A photo of the kids is a huge deal. And I’m not talking about a selfie slapped on Instagram or Facebook or sent to a few people over Snapchat. I’m talking about a photo which makes it to print. Like in the olden days! A photo of a man’s family is something he can treasure. It can sit on his desk at work and ease the stress of a rubbish day. It can greet him in the hallway when he gets in. So why not give him a frame and put in a family pic?

It’s so simple, but it is a guaranteed Dad pleaser. And here we have loads of Dad frames to choose from.

Father's Day gifts collage

And how about some little cheap and cheerful novelty bits to give him a little smile or make him feel loved? A lovely little sentiment: BEST DAD EVER, DAD YOU’RE THE GREATEST. It’s not Shakespeare, but it will make him feel a whole lot better than sitting through 3 hours of King Lear! Simple, but effective Dad softening tactics.

The basic principle of a great Fathers day gifts for dad is DO NOT OVER-COMPLICATE IT. What could be simpler than a lovely photo in a frame and a mug with a sweet sentiment? Or a funny tie and a pair of socks which says he’s the “World’s Best Daddy”?

Affordable, sweet, emotional and simple.

Do it for Dad, buy him a gift he’ll genuinely love.

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