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Please excuse the dreadful pun. I'm not even sure it counts as a pun to be honest. But anyway, this blog is just to give you a little bit of a history of our brand - IMPRESSIONS.

#1 Photo Frames Online Distributor in The UK

The reason for the title is that as of 2020 we are the UK's number 1 photo frame online distributor. By this I mean that we manufacture and send out more photo frames than any other frame brand in the country.

That's obviously great for us, but why should it matter to you? 

Well, for one thing it shows that people like what we do. In fact, I'll wager you probably have one of our frames in your home, even if you don't know it. 

But it also shows that people still care about giving the photos they print somewhere a little bit special to shine from.

Where Did Impressions Photo Frames Start?

We were born in 2005. Back then the digital age was just getting starting really. Digital cameras were around, but pretty basic. Camera phones were in their relative infancy. People still used disposable cameras for real, not just as novelties on wedding tables. Most photos that were taken were developed. They weren't always framed, but many more of them made it to see the light of day as a piece of photographic paper. 

We were born in north Manchester, within one of the UKs most historic and well respected suppliers of home accessories and gifts - WIDDOP and Co. By suppliers, I mean, they sold to shops which then sold to you. Photo frames were and still are one of the only things under the umbrella category "home accessories" which almost every single household in the world has. WIDDOP sold them back then, in fact they were one of the biggest categories. But WIDDOP was just buying in bulk from large factories in China in a smattering of styles that seemed popular.

Impressions came about because we realised we needed to offer something more. We needed to make a name for ourselves with a carefully planned out, well designed range that catered to every style and taste. 

As the 2000s progressed. So did the digital age. And fewer and fewer photos were printed. This could have made what Impressions was doing seem pointless but it actually did the exact opposite. 

More than ever, it really matters what you frame a photo in. If a photo is important enough or special enough to make it off a phone or laptop, it needs framing properly. People want quality, without spending a fortune. They want a style to suit the mood of the photo without sacrificing quality. They want to make sure the frame suits the room. And most importantly, they want to give a precious photo the perfect home.

The old adage is that a picture speaks a 1000 words. And when it's a photo that really matters to you, you need to hear those words. Because they hold memories and emotions which are special to you.

The Impressions mission is to help your precious photos speak their 1000 words.

What Do Impressions Photo Frames Offer?

With our collection of over 500 frames in finishes from luxury silver-plated photo frames, to fun colourful epoxy resin. Multi photo frames, or single photo frames. A4 photo frames, to 6x4 photo frames. We really do cater to everyone. 

And that's why we are number 1. Whatever the photo; whatever your decor style; if you need a bunch of frames for a gallery wall or a single special frame to gift on a wedding day - Impressions has the right frame at the right price.

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