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The festive holiday season is fast approaching and, like we did in spring and summer, we will need to find new things to do. Whilst we might have always had cosy days in with a hot chocolate, roaring fire and Christmas films; things like visiting the Christmas Markets, work’s Christmas parties, nights out with friends and getting together with family might be off limits during the COVID 19 pandemic. So, this is where we need to get creative and think of ways to keep up the festive spirit from the safety and comfort of our own homes.  

At the Home of Gifts, we have decided that a little extra festive spirit is required this year and we have transformed our website to ho ho home in on Christmas gift giving and decoration. 

Our Santa’s workshop is the home of all the year’s most spectacular festive trends and packed with home accessories, decorations and gift wrapping that everyone will love. 

Festive Things to do During a Pandemic 

  1. Get Cosy and Have a Christmas Movie NightFluffy blanket, hot water bottle and a warm cup of coco is all you need to set the scene, get comfortable on the sofa and stick on a festive classic like It’s a wonderful life, The Holiday, Elf or Miracle on 34th Street. 

  2. Christmas Crafts - Making your own stockings or designing your own Christmas Cards can be a fun way to kick off the Christmas Spirit and get you in the mood for more at-home Christmas Festivities 

  3. Make your own home a Winter Wonderland  - The Home of Gifts has a selection of new beautiful Christmas decorations and homeware to truly transform your home into a festive wonderland that you can enjoy. Just look up a recipe for a festive spiced cider and it will feel like the Christmas Markets have brought themselves to you (except you can do these ones in your pyjamas!) 

  4. Writing a Letter to Santa  - Whether you have kids, or you just want to give your partner a few hints, spend the evening writing Christmas lists to Santa with all the presents you hope to find under the tree on Christmas morning!  

  5. Creative Gift Giving - Without the possibility of giving gifts in person this year, we will need to find new and creative ways of gift giving. With more time to browse online, rather than a mad rush around the shops on Christmas eve (yes, I am talking to most of the men out there!) we can put more effort into finding the perfect gift for someone.  

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