How to make your home more relaxing

No doubt, this past year has been a struggle for all: changes to the routines we know, separation from loved ones and in many cases, the uncertainty of our employment. During unanticipated and stressful times, we all must remember to stay optimistic and take some time out to pause, relax and refresh.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been an enormous increase in stress and anxiety levels, but there has also been a fantastic amount of remarkable new themes and products designed to help us all unwind at home.

Natural lighting is an unrivalled way of uplifting the spirit – even on gloomier days! Keeping windows unobstructed from furniture and accessories allows sunlight to fill your home, and light walls and mirrored features help spread the light, giving the illusion of a larger, open space. During a year of restricted access to the outdoors, this is a simple way of bringing the outdoors in. Opting for drapes allows daylight to be openly let in yet blocks out the light during bedtime to allow a fully rested night. Lamps are the perfect alternative for projecting relaxing mood lighting during the evening and night.


Cosy furnishings are a fantastic way of making the home an easy place to unwind. Scatter cushions and throws add comfort while also making perfect gifts for occasion markers. Although vibrant colours are a preference for many, they enthuse energy. Muted tones such as white, cream and beige help to contribute to a sense of tranquillity, but many tend to miss this opportunity in fear of being too simple – especially maximalists! Complying with a neutral colour scheme can still in fact bring in personality by utilising textures and layering fabrics.


Clutter is an instant mood drainer. Ensure you take the time to declutter to remove any unnecessary accessories that make you feel closed in and your home overcrowded. Instead, opt for smaller accessories that can be displayed in multiple ways such as photo frames. During times of separation, these hold great sentimental value and having your dearest and dearest with you, pride of place, will help you feel more relaxed.


Although only a small chore, make your bed as you leave it every morning. This will have a larger impact on your mood and the appearance of your home. After all, the bedroom is the place where you should be able to relax the most! A quality mattress works wonders for a good night sleep while purchasing softer bedsheets – those with a higher thread content – increases comfort.


With a variety of scents, materials and appearance, candles are one of the most acknowledged and utilised accessories for relaxation throughout the entire home. Serenity offers perfect solutions to bring the spa home. From candles to room sprays and decorative features, Serenity provides an easy and affordable way to take some time out to breathe, relax and unwind: revive with refreshing orange, jasmine and saffron; relax with woody aromatic rose, cardamom and pink pepper; or calm with gentle bergamot, lavender and sandalwood. The Aromatherapy Co. also offers a selection of gifts and self-indulgent care items with a focus on sustainability and natural ingredients, making this selection not only good for the body but the mind too. BLEND is a new and creative range of home fragrances for modern homes. Crafted using sustainable organic essential oils from New Zealand, these unique candles and diffusers can stand alone or be combined to create a unique aroma – meaning you can create your favourite scent to suit every mood.


Injecting some elements of nature into your home – whether with plants, ornaments, materials or simply colours – will create a refreshing yet peaceful sense. Not only do plants improve air quality, but studies have shown they can also reduce stress levels and are therapeutic. For those who don’t have the time for plant maintenance, simply adding a few stems to an elegant vase (or even purchasing an artificial bunch), will add a pop of colour and instantly refresh the living space.


But don’t forget that the outdoors are just as important as in the indoors; a relaxing garden space is always a bonus and a way to clear the mind and rejuvenate the spirit. Add some figurines, lighting and rustic accessories alongside your plants to create a cosy, country cottage feel.


Although certain rooms in the home are associated with relaxing more than others, it is important to apply these techniques across all rooms to ensure a relaxing state can be maintained.

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