How to make your nursery more relaxing

There’s no doubt that our bedrooms are the place to relax, but for some babies, it’s a struggle to settle for a peaceful night’s rest. This not only causes distress for the baby but in the long run, it will impact the parents too. But remain optimistic - there are interior themes you can adopt to contribute to setting the right mood for a relaxing night’s sleep.


Muted colours

Employing a simple, soft colour theme will help with the creation of a cosy room. Avoid brighter and overpowering colours and opt for neutral tones such as white, grey and cream to help soothe. This can be incorporated across the walls, flooring, furniture and accessories.


Soft textures

As a lot of time will be spent in the nursery during the early years, the room must be as relaxing for the parent as the baby. Soft textures are an unrivalled way of introducing comfort into the nursery. Cosy cushions, teddy bears, and fluffy throws and rugs not only help to create a relaxing ambience but mixing textures is also great for sensory play around nap times.


Warm lighting

The correct lighting can create a tranquil environment for babies. Utilise natural lighting in the day time while opting for a warmer, low wattage bulb in the evenings and night. Motion-detector lamps are a fantastic option for avoiding unnecessary light and heat while the baby is sleeping. Position the light beside the rocking chair or baby changing area to separate it from the sleeping area.


Optimal space

Although we all love to capture every precious moment with a timeless keepsake, it is important to avoid clutter. Space should be considered when working on a nursery interior, as overcrowded spaces are instant mood-drainers. Larger windows and reflective accessories open up space, while trendy storage boxes help keep the room more organised and relaxing.


Relaxing sounds

Although many adults prefer a peaceful atmosphere, many babies prefer some sound. Not only will some white noise help your baby doze off, but it will help them re-settle once woken in the night – in many cases, prevent tears shed from a baby wanting company. Sound machines are effective accessories, especially for newborns who are comforted by the familiar sounds inside the womb. Not only are these handy accessories for the nursery, but portable sound machines are fantastic for when you’re on the move.

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