Here's how you can plan the perfect baby shower...

With better and brighter days on the horizon, it’s time to get ready to celebrate bigger and better than ever before.


Whether you’re awaiting the arrival of your sweet bundle of joy or know someone who’s expecting, a baby shower offers the perfect way to celebrate the exciting news with your nearest and dearest.


Although typically an American tradition, baby showers have gained popularity within the UK over the past few years – and not just for the gift-giving as some may associate! Baby showers are filled with non-stop fun and laughter and offer an unrivalled way of creating precious lifelong memories during a mum-to-be’s new journey in life. Whether you’re on a budget or are looking to splash out on something big, we have the ultimate guide to make it a day to remember.


Choose the theme

Although not a necessity, a theme can bring a bundle of additional fun to the event while making it simpler to select accessories that tie in together. When choosing the theme, look to the mother’s personality and interests for inspiration. If you’re pressed for time, opting for a simple colour theme is a great solution, whereas employing a more extravagant theme requires additional time for planning. With shabby chic trends proving popular for 2021, rustic-inspired themes are a stunning option. For more quirky options, why not centre the shower on a favourite TV series, movie or book? Of course, the shower is to celebrate the baby, but it should also make the mum-to-be feel special and considered too! For those who know the mum-to-be a little less, this may seem a bit trickier but considering other fun, baby-related alternate themes can help. From jungle animals to under-the-sea and popular fiction, your imagination is the only limit!

Invites and baby checklist!

Whether it’s your own event or a surprise shower, some guests may be unsure of what to bring. Whether it is simply themselves, a contribution to the buffet or a gift for the baby or parents-to-be, a checklist can be extremely useful. From keepsakes to accessories and furnishings, there’s a large selection for guests to choose from, so including a list with your invitation can be a big help – just make sure everyone shares what they’re getting with the others! While people may be at a distance, virtual invites offer a simple solution to reach everyone on your guest list but thank you cards offer a face-to-face token of gratitude for attending the baby shower and make unrivalled sentimental keepsakes.


Once you have found your venue it’s time to get creative and accessorise! Whether you’re employing a theme or just adding a few simple decorations, there’s something for every event. Balloons are of course one of the most traditional and popular choices for parties and balloon arches are rising in popularity. Although a little more time for DIY is required, these arches make a stunning addition to the décor and can be used as a fun entryway to the venue or nearby key areas such as the buffet. To make a balloon arch is simple; all that’s needed is (a lot of) latex balloons, double-sided sticky tape, a needle and fishing line – and of course, don’t forget the balloon pump! Smaller yet effective accessories such as hanging, standing and bottle lights can add a magical touch to the space while setting the theme. Buntings, sashes and photo props are must-have accessories for any type of celebratory event to make every memory encapsulating photo extra special.

It’s all fun and games!

What would an event be without a few laughs? Baby-themed games offer the perfect way to add some extra fun for both the guests and mother-to-be. From charades to prediction cards and guess the size of the bump, these fun-filled game will build excitement while creating life-long memories. Some games are also more well-suited to first-time mums to offer them guidance. Advice cards are a great way to have fun while providing useful advice to the parents-to-be.

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat?!

Of course, food is always an important (and favourited) part of any party or event. With some venues, food may be included, but buffets are always a safe option. When it comes to the food, one of the biggest decisions is the cake! We all love a themed cake, but simple is stunning. A single-tiered cake with minimal frosting can be just as effective with a few simple cake props: both cupcakes and larger cakes offer an equally delicious treat.

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