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Father’s Day is on the horizon and you may be starting to consider what to treat your Father to. Whether you have a fussy Dad or he’s easy to please, this year we have a fantastic collection of gifts sure to make his special day memorable.

Hampers provide a way to add a personal touch while showing that thought has been put into your tailored selection.


A Sentimental Hamper

After a year of separation, sentimental gifts have provided a way to express our feelings in a way that words can’t. Heart-warming sentiments and personalisable items offer the perfect way to bring a smile to his face and gift him with keepsakes that will be cherished for a lifetime.

1 x photo frame

1 x set of engravable cufflinks

1 x wall art

1 x engravable flask or tankard

1 x keyring




A Self-care Hamper

Although typically a female association, Dads deserve some time to relax too, and a hamper of self-care items offers the perfect way to enthuse some much-deserved time to sit back, relax and unwind. Essential oils have not only mental benefits but physical too; they can uplift the spirit reducing stress and anxiety levels, enthuse relaxation and also aid good health. Opting for products containing essential oils will help your Dad relax without any unnatural materials or scents. Lavender is a great option for creating a calming atmosphere whereas mint improves functioning and lime uplifts the spirit. Choosing candles made from soy wax not only offers a natural option but also a longer burn time and a cleaner appearance.



1 x soy wax candle

1 x diffuser

1 x room spray

1 x hand and body wash

1 x essential oil blend




A Practical Hamper

If you have a Dad or Grandad who enjoys useful gifts and doing a little DIY, a practical hamper is the perfect way to gift them this Father’s Day. From smaller handy accessories to everyday essentials, a practical hamper is sure to be put to good use!

1 x clock

1 x homeware upgrades

1 x money bank



Mix It Up

If you’ve got a Dad or Grandad full of personality, why not add a selection from each hamper category? This way you can put a little more thought into which items they will enjoy most and give them a variety with different benefits and uses!

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