Mum! What Should I Get You For Your Birthday?

What To Get Your Mum For Her Birthday?


So, your Mum's birthday is coming up, exciting! 

But the stress and mystery of trying to find the PERFECT birthday gift seems like a complex puzzle? 

We understand, everyone has been there and it strangely never seems to get easier. 


Everyone is increasingly living busy lives and rarely get an afternoon to wander around the shops looking for inspiration. With most people buying Online these days, you really need clarity on what you are looking for before you start browsing, or else, how do you know where to start? 

So, the creative brains here at The Home Of Gifts got together, pooled our ‘pick a gift’ ideas and thought we would share them in a blog post for you. After all, if the people who work at a gift website can’t inspire you in the art of gift-buying – who can? 


Let’s Start With Some Qualifying Questions


First of all, there is the matter of taste to consider.

When we first sat down in our teams and discussed this, everyone offered their personal opinions and family experiences. Someone said rosé gold photo frames work well, another person suggested Disney cups, and there was a massive sway of support for our gorgeous aromatherapy range. But we soon realised that approach doesn’t work.

For a start, we are all different people, our beautiful Mothers are all different, and of course, we (the people who work here) are not you (our customers). So we went back to the drawing board (actually, it is a digital whiteboard) and devised a process.


After Hours of Discussion, it Settled Into Three Simple Steps as Follows:

graphic of woman saying who is she as a person?

Hopefully you know this question inside and out, as nobody knows your own mum like you. Is she athletic and adventurous, or more laid back and relaxed? Prefers a glass of wine with friends, or cuddling with the dog on the sofa?

A personalised gift for mum, or family silver photo frame would be great for someone who is extremely loving and caring.

Whichever personality type your wonderful mother is, we make sure to have all the gifts to suit them.


The bottom line is: Mum's just need a break from their busy lives, always. Anything you can gift that allows her a chance to breathe and relax is always a winner, and will be received with a smile. 


Top 3 Gifts For Mums That Like to Relax:

 graphic of bathroom and wording saying what does she enjoy?

Now, with the lucky birthday Mummy in mind. Start to write down the sort of gifts they might like. Take a step back and watch what activities she enjoys doing, and find the most suitable gift for it. Below are a few ideas for inspiration. 

Try your best to visualise the perfect night for her, and make it a reality! 


5 Ideas For Inspiration:

Wall Art

Pampering Gifts

Home Decor

Keepsake Gifts

Watercolour Designed Pillows


The Top 3 Gifts For Any Home Lover: 


graphic of money, saying what is your budget?

We concluded that the cost parameters should come last because it limits creative thinking. For example, if you decide that your Mum would love a holiday in Barbados, you might decide that is a bit too much (lucky them if it isn’t) to spend. But you could downsize that idea to a nice picture frame with a photo of you and them (even if it is a photoshopped one) on holiday, with a note saying ‘something to capture memories you have not created yet.’

Having said that, there is a famous saying 'money doesn't buy love', and when it comes to a mothers love, this is definitely the case. So don't feel the need to spend £1000's on a gift, we are sure they would be happy with any thoughtful gift, and a big hug to go with it. 


Low Budget Gift's For Birthday Mum Ideas:


We had a lot of fun practising this process in the office and came up with some great ideas for ourselves and our own upcoming occasions. We hope you do too, and that you can find what you are looking for on the website. And if we don’t supply the ideal gift, please get in touch and let us know – we are always looking to improve the range.

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