Image of Father celebrating birthday with kids. What To Get Your Dad For His Birthday?

What To Get Your Dad For His Birthday? 

Dad’s never really seem to ask for much, but doesn't that just make the birthday hunt that much more confusing?

"Just get me a wallet or some slippers, honestly it's fine"

But Dad… I have got you 3 different versions of the same wallet for the last 3 years! Let’s switch it up a bit. 


Why do they say this? It's their special day, and we want to make them feel important. Are they just being nice, but secretly want a well thought out and planned gift? Or do they genuinely just have low expectations?

We will be diving in to answer these important questions and more. To make your birthday gift ideas for Dad run a bit smoother, we have narrowed down the key points into 3 (hopefully relatable) simple sections. 

1. Gifts For Dad Who Wants Nothing

Image of graphic saying Gifts For Dad Who Wants Nothing

First things first, is the Dad who wants nothing. They say they want nothing, but would probably be quite offended if you rocked up to the birthday party singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” with no present or a card. Very confusing, right? 

Usually these Dad’s would be happy with an inexpensive gift, with a bit of thought behind it. A personalised gift would go down a treat here. You could get him a photo frame of you and the family, that he can look at and smile, while at home or work.

image of photo album book for dad


2. Gifts For Dad Who Have Everything

Image of graphic saying Gifts For Dad Who Have Everything

These are the types of Dad that when you think about it, he literally has everything! Any hobby or interest, he's got all covered, with all of the up to date gear for. 


When you think about the items your dad has, you overwhelmingly notice:

  • All the DIY department's tools bursting out of his drawer. 
  • His wardrobe is full of the same 10 pairs of shirts and jeans. 
  • The kitchen cabinet overflowing with all the latest cooking gadgets.
  • He Has all of his favourite footballers signed shirts. 
  • Multiple wallets, slippers and watches from your last birthday gift ideas. 


So what else could you possibly get him? 

A Dad who has all of the above is surely a dad who is fun and entertaining. Someone who gets the job done, but also someone who loves a good time with this family. For this, a gift that will make him laugh will be received with a smile on his face (and a chuckle of course)   


World's Best Dad Photo Frame 

gifts for dad photo frame with quote, you make everything better


3. Gifts For Dads With No Hobbies 

Image of graphic saying Gifts For Dads With No Hobbies

So your dad doesn’t seem to have any hobbies, this narrows down the gift hunt quite a bit. But they will definitely have some interests to buy gifts for. Whether they are a football supporter, enjoy watching their favourite movies on TV/Netflix or are a workaholic. There are still many gifts to buy for these interests. 

For example for someone who watches a lot of football on TV, you could get him a Footballers cushion for him to relax and watch the games with. 

If you let your Dad choose, what would he get?

Football Gifts For Dad  - Football Cushion 

image of cushion, the perfect football gifts for dad

Gifts For Dad From Daughter

Image of Gifts For Dad From Daughter

A daughters' relationship with their Dad is special. Usually he is someone you can go to for advice and strength at a time of need.

Plan this birthday around a thoughtful gift and food. Whether you go out for a meal, or it's good old fashioned home cooking. Have the opportunity to have a sit down talk with him, to strengthen your bond more by spend some quality time together.

Some gift ideas from daughter could include.

Personalised frame for Dad


Birthday Gifts For Dad From Son

image of Birthday Gifts For Dad From Son

‘Like Father, like son.’ 

Shouldn’t that make it easy to buy your own father a gift, when you’re so alike? That’s unfortunately just not the case. As a son your dad is your mentor, he shows you how to stand up for yourself, and instils a strong work ethic. 

Hopefully you show your Dad appreciation every day, but on his birthday, this is the one day you definitely should do it. Guys aren’t really known for writing messages from the heart in cards, but your Dad will really appreciate it if you do. 

In terms of some unique gifts for dad, you can get

Image of beer gifts for dad, boyfriend or brother

Personalized Birthday Gifts For Dad By Age

Celebrate your Dad's special occasion with a heart warming and thoughtful gift.

Please note that the products shown below can be found in all age ranges (30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90) 


30th Birthday Gifts for Dad

image of 30th birthday gifts for dad


40th Birthday Gifts For Dad

image of 40th birthday gifts for dad

50th Birthday Gifts For Dad

50th birthday gifts for dad

60th Birthday Gifts For Dad

image of 60th birthday gifts for dad

70th Birthday Ideas For Dad

imagw fo 70th birthday ideas for dad

80th Birthday Gifts For Dad

image of 80th birthday gifts for dad

90th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

80th birthday gifts for dad

In conclusion we know that Dads do have different personality types, but generally they don’t want you to spend a large chunk of your pay cheque on an expensive gift. Like with most people, as long as a bit of thought has gone into the buying of the gift, they will definitely be ecstatic and appreciative that you went to the effort.

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