Christmas Home Decor | Indoor & Outdoor Decorating Ideas For Christmas 2022

Decorating Your House For Christmas 2022

There are less than 2 weeks left until the start of December!

The festive season of mulled wine, roasted turkey, gift wrapping and Mariah Carey is just around the corner. 

Whilst everyone is preparing for their Christmas shopping in 2022, one of the most important considerations we have to make is about our Christmas house decor! But there are so many different options, styles and materials to consider.

I would imagine a lot of people around this time would be asking...

How Do You Decorate Your House For Christmas?image of young child putting up Christmas tree decorations

It’s a time when adults and kids can come together and have fun being creative. Decorating your home for Christmas can be a thrilling experience for everyone involved - it doesn’t have to be a chore.


Decorate with Christmas Tinselimage of hands putting up Christmas tree tinsel

Why not dress up your house, staircase and tables with tinsel? 

Tinsel is a classic Christmas decoration you just can’t do without. It looks great around the Christmas tree, around the edges of your living room and between the bannisters on the stairs. 

They come in a range of colours so make sure you match with the rest of your Christmas colour theme. 


Decorate With Wall Art

image of Christmas wall art in a frame, this is the perfect Christmas art for kids

Are you an aspiring artist or do you just fancy getting creative on the lead up to Christmas? This is a fun activity that you can do with the family,  and by the end you can have a Christmas themed art piece for the whole family to enjoy. 

Once the art piece is finished, you’re going to need it framed to show it off in all its glory. 

• You can view our Christmas related photo frames HERE.

• Or why not view our UK’s best selling photo frame brand from 2020 by clicking HERE.

What Are Some Good DIY Christmas Decorations?

DIY Christmas Wreath image of Christmas wreath handmade ideas by hand

If I asked you to name some of the things that remind you of Christmas. I bet you would mention the Christmas wreath!

Back throughout history, the wreath was worn on the head of Romans, to resemble victory and success. Today it’s traditionally used to resemble eternal life and festive joy. 

The best thing about the wreaths is that they’re extremely cost effective to make at home, as everything you need can be found outside. You can use evergreen foliage, red berries and pinecones to wrap around into a wreath.


Bake a Christmas Gingerbread House 

image of gingerbread house and gingerbread man, the perfect baked goods for Christmas

Making a gingerbread house is a tradition in many people's families. 

The gingerbread pieces are cut out into 6 parts, 4 for the sides of the house and 2 for the roof, which is then sealed together with icing. You can also get creative and make a whole scene instead of just a house, by making gingerbread people, trees and any other objects you can think of. 

There are many great things about gingerbread houses. They make the house smell fantastic when they’re baking, and once finished you can pour a couple festive drinks, admire it for a while before eating it! What’s not to love?


Knit Some Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings UK hanging above fireplace ready for Christmas day 2021

Christmas stockings are usually hung at the top of your fireplace or mantelpiece. These are usually filled with small Christmas presents that range from inexpensive Christmas sweets and chocolates, to more expensive Christmas toys, perfumes and fragrances. The red stitched fabrics used to make these definitely add to the Christmas aesthetic, which is why you could try to make them yourself! 

There are two options you can go for when knitting a stocking, one will take many hours and the other is a quicker alternative. 

You can knit the whole stocking from scratch using yarn, like you would with a beanie hat. The other option is to cut out 2 pieces of fabric into a stocking shape and stitch them together. 

If you want to make your family's Christmas day special by getting some stockings, but don’t want to go through the hours of effort to knit them one from scratch, you can buy some premade stockings from our Christmas range.

Other honourable DIY Christmas decorations include: DIY Paper snows flakes, Christmas Baubles candy cane tree and advent calendars.

Whether you decide to knit or buy a Christmas stocking, you’re going to want to know what to put inside it! For this check out our Best Stocking Fillers For Christmas 2021’ blog post.

Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas 

Everyone can associate certain smells with Christmas. For me, it’s definitely cinnamon, hot chocolate, mulled wine, and mince pies. 

Although baking gingerbread houses and mince pies are a lot of fun (and I definitely suggest you do both!) There's an alternative to making your house smell like Christmas - and that is by using candles and diffusers.

With the Aromatherapy range you can make your house smell like Christmas without all of the effort.

Christmas Candle Aroma Scented Christmas candle aromatherapy's with cinnamon and vanilla bean

Cinnamon & Vanilla Bean Candle 

The aromatherapy candle will produce a lovely cinnamon aroma for many hours, sure to put your family in the festive spirit.


Christmas Gingerbread Reed Diffuser

Reed diffuser with Christmas scent of gingerbread man

Christmas Gingerbread Cookie Diffuser 

Our Christmas shop UK offers postage, if any products are ordered they will come packaged individually inside of our designed Home of Gifts box, where you can write a special personalised message inside. This is certain to make the perfect gifting experience this Christmas.


What Are Some Fun Or Unique Christmas Tree Decorations?

This photo below summarises Christmas perfectly. 

inside a living room on Christmas day 2021 with the decorated Christmas tree and fireplace with presents

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a shining Christmas tree, standing tall in the corner of the living room, guarding the family's Christmas gifts, warmed up by the roaring fire and cinnamon candles burning.


Decorate Your Tree With Christmas Baubles 

Traditionally you would hang red, green, and golden baubles. In modern times, it’s quite common to craft DIY baubles. If you have children, you could get Christmas baubles of their favourite Disney characters like Cinderella, and the Little Mermaid.

Disney Cinderella Christmas tree bauble decorations

Disney Princess Cinderella 3D Bauble (Buy Now) 

Disney Ariel Christmas tree bauble decorations

Disney Princess Ariel 3D Bauble (Buy Now) 

Disney Aladdin Jasmine Christmas tree bauble decoration

Disney Princess Jasmine 3D Bauble (Buy Now)


If you want some Christmas decorations that are fun and unique, look no further can our Disney figurine baubles! We have baubles from a range of classic Disney movies, like the Sleeping beauty, Aladdin, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, and The Little Mermaid

What Christmas Decoration Should I Put Outside My House?

Hopefully you have experienced driving down the road at night, and seeing bright lights in the distance. As you approach closer, you notice a house with thousands of multi coloured lights beaming back at you.

Outdoor Christmas tree lights and decorations ready for Christmas day 2021

It’s amazing when people go through the effort to do this - But you don’t have to.

Instead you can just have a single line of lights running around the edges of your home, or if you have trees in the front, draping them around can look great too.

Or you could just hang a wreath around your front door with tinsel. It doesn’t matter what Christmas budget you have, as long as you go through some effort for the family Christmas party, they will all definitely appreciate it.

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