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Best Stocking Fillers For Christmas 2022

Christmas day is on its way…

The Christmas tree is up and filled with baubles, the house is decorated with soft glistening lights, the nostalgic sounds of festive music travels through our streets, and the scent of freshly baked gingerbread fills our home.

But the holiday season can feel stressful when you realise you’ve fallen behind on gift buying. If only there was a cost-effective way to make your loved ones Christmas morning that little bit more special…

Good news is on it’s way - we think stocking fillers might be able to help you out.

What are Christmas Stocking Fillers?

woman putting up stocking on the mantel piece for stocking fillers for teenagers

Stocking fillers are a cost-effective way of giving your friends and family lots of presents to open on Christmas morning. After all, spoiling loved ones shouldn’t have to break the bank. It’s a win-win for everyone!

We all know how amazing it feels to be able to give close family members a few presents to open on the big day. For this reason, stockings offer a gifting experience like no other, and the joy on families faces will be worth every penny.


How Much Do You Spend on Stocking Fillers?

stocking fillers for mum image with woman holding up money in a Christmas hat

Stocking fillers usually end up costing around £5 - £15 each, so depending on your budget, you can fill your loved one’s stocking or Christmas Eve box with a range of different gifts. 

You can get presents for loads of different sizes within this price range, but remember, the smaller the gift the more you can fill your stocking.


What Do You Put in Stocking Fillers?

Stocking fillers usually range from funny gifts and gadgets, to quirky, unusual, or useful gifts. The goal is to create a gifting experience that will bring a smile to the receiver’s face that will last all through the festive season,

Confectionary in the form of chocolates and sweets make a great addition to any Christmas stocking, particularly if you are compiling one for a little one. Scented candles, hot chocolate, personalised gifts, or gift sets also often go down very well.

This Christmas gift guide will help to give you some guidance and inspiration on what can be used to fill up your stockings. If you’re wondering how to decorate your home using Christmas tree decorations, Christmas baubles and Christmas table decorations.

But before you get too carried away and start to buy gifts, it is important to choose the best stocking.


Pick Your Christmas Stocking perfect stockings for Christmas, this shows a stocking with textured red and black patternwhite stockings for Christmas with white pom pomsDisney stocking featuring Belle from the beauty and the beast



Make Your Own Stocking in 5 Easy Steps

Or, if you love some arts and crafts, why not get creative and make your own stocking? For this, you’ll need some fabric, sewing thread, and other small Christmas decorations like stars, sequins, or anything else you can think of.

1) Choose your preferred stocking fabric

2) Cut two fabric pieces into stocking shapes

3) Stitch the two fabric pieces together

4) Sew a white cuff at the top

5) Decorate it!

All of these items can be easily found in our DIY stocking set, including more detailed instructions. This is sure to make for a fun festive activity.

make your own stocking, easy arts and crafts for Christmas

Stocking Fillers for Women

We all have an important woman in our lives. Whether it’s your partner, sister, mother, or daughter, they would certainly all appreciate some well thought out gifts on Christmas day. Nobody is too young or too old for stocking fillers, so make sure everyone gets a few little treats, even Grandma!

Christmas sale featuring personalised Christmas gifts for her Christmas clearance featuring scented candles for herChristmas sale UK featuring pulse point face rollerscheap photo frames


Stocking Fillers for Men

Men have always been notoriously hard to buy for, when you ask what they would like for Christmas, the response you usually get is the common ‘I don’t really need anything’. 

The good thing about stocking fillers is that they don’t need to be expensive luxury gifts that they are going to use every day. They can just be small presents to make them smile and laugh. Games also go down really well on Christmas day to bring everyone together to enjoy that special family time.

The swear jar is a funny gift for him on christmasunusual gifts for him man sized mugChristmas set for desk table tennis Christmas gifts for dad whiskey glass gift set  

Stocking Fillers for Kids

It's no secret that Children absolutely love stocking fillers. The gifts feed into their excitement and festive spirit massively, and of course kids love having more presents to open. They are usually the easiest to buy for as any game or sweet treats always go down well.

mini desktop table pocket pool setMini table basket ball setdream big little one pillow makes a perfect gift for kids on ChristmasGift for children on Christmas soft teddy bear

Stocking Fillers For The Whole Family

If you are buying for any specific family members, we have listed down below some personalised gift ideas you can buy for different members in your family.

Stocking Fillers For Mum

Are you looking for any personalised gifts for Mum? Choosing gifts that are designed with ‘mum’ or ‘mummy’ will certainly mean a lot to her. Browse below to see some more personalised gift options for mum:

Gifts for mum at Christmas worlds best mummy mug christmas clearance mummy quote plague

Wonderful Mum peaches and cream flower in a glass

Stocking Fillers For Dad

Is your Dad the number one man in your life? For this year’s stocking fillers for dad, The Home of Gifts have a range of small but meaningful presents that are sure to show him you care this Christmas. 

Christmas gifts for men and brother xmas gifts for him and dad featuring cufflinks

Stocking Fillers For Sister

Whether older or younger, sisters always deserve a treat over the festive season. Show her that you think she is the best sister in the world this year by showering her with amazing stocking fillers that she deserves.

Christmas gifts for sister, featuring the amazing sister photo frame

Christmas presents for sister aromatherapy set of 3 reed diffuserswomen's jewellery trinket box

Stocking Fillers For Brother

Brothers can be more than just family; they can be our first friends or even the person we have shared most of our ups and downs with. They often know you the best and have seen you at your worst, so show them how much you appreciate them this year by filling their stockings with goodies..

Funny stocking fillers for brother, mug and bottle gift set

Christmas gifts for brother, bottle cap dart board
watch storage box for brother

Stocking Fillers For Grandma

Grandmas are some of the most loved people in our lives. They have done so much for us throughout the years and deserve a gift that reflects their generosity, thoughtfulness, and kindness. This year you can treat them by filling their stockings with thoughtful gifts.

Christmas gifts for nan and grandma featuring scented reed diffuserChristmas gifts for grandma and nan featuring the best nan photo framechristmas presents for grandma best nana ever frame 

Stocking Fillers For Grandad

Your grandad is likely a huge supporter of everything that you do, and someone who gave you chocolates when mum & dad weren’t looking. Like grandma’s they deserve the world, so to celebrate that we have picked out a range of personalised Grandad gifts to make him smile. 

christmas gifts for grandadGifts for grandad on Christmas photo frame collage nanny and grandad christmas giftsChristmas present ideas for grandad

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