Baby & Children

There is almost no type of gift more rewarding to give than one to a new baby or child. Here at The Home of Gifts we have hundreds of adorable gifts to help celebrate those wonderful early milestones.

From the very first day to their first steps and beyond, we have a beautiful collection of keepsakes to choose from, all designed right here in the UK by some of the world's greatest gift brands.

A truly special childhood gift has the power to hold on to precious memories and emotions for a lifetime. We all have those baby photos that make us feel warm and fuzzy or those scrapbooks with our first curls and hospital bracelets. These gifts are truly special, truly precious and truly timeless.

This means we need to know that the gifts we buy for a new baby or child are more than just something to throw into a box and forget about. And every single gift in our range has been designed in the UK by British talent with care and real attention to detail. This means all of our gifts are made with love, just like the little ones they are given to. And that is a match made in heaven.

We have everything from birth certificate holders to 1st tooth and curl boxes. We have irresistibly adorable photo frames. We have toys, nursery accessories and decorations. And we have keepsake boxes so you can store every one of those precious little trinkets and photos for years to come.

And with The Home of Gifts you can add a little personal message to make your present even more special. Each order also comes complete with our signature gift box, which we hand wrap for an even more special finishing touch.

Give them a gift to last a lifetime with The Home of Gifts.